Free Market Exchange

the Perfect Marriage of Liberty & Justice
scale of economic justice

Every time we buy or sell on the free market, we fulfill America's twin ideals of Liberty & Justice.

In the market, we are free to buy & sell whatever and with whomever we like. That is economic liberty. When buyer & seller agree to a mutually fair price, that is economic justice. It is not just a sale; it is a fair exchange of value — a product or service for equivalent sums of money. Buyers & sellers freely exchange, and the scale of economic justice is balanced. Liberty & Justice are served.

Every free market exchange embodies and gives life to these twin ideals. Every purchase & sale is an exercise in American Liberty & Justice. America's ideals come to life in our day-to-day economy. Without even thinking, we perform a most patriotic act.

True Value Accounting

Defender of Economic Liberty & Justice

Every free market exchange upholds American Liberty & Justice.

In theory.

But what if what we buy comes with side-effects — health, social, or environmental costs we must pay down the line? Or on the plus side, benefits & savings from health, education, and infrastructure? The price we pay is not the true value, or full value. We underpay or overpay for value.

Economic liberty is served, but justice is not. This costs more than mere money & productivity. It costs us in quality of life. Health & education suffer. Infrastructure deteriorates. Social ills escalate. Environment grows toxic. We all suffer, both economically and in life quality.

True Value Accounting incorporates all these costs & savings, ensuring economic justice while the market continues in freedom. True Value Accounting includes costs & savings verified by science. No more. No less. Independent objective accounting.

Without True Value Accounting, economy becomes a legalized forum for doling out economic injustice. Hidden costs are passed along. Savings go unrewarded. To be blunt, it amounts to legally sanctioned fraud and swindle. Buyers are screwed, sellers are screwed, and the nation suffers. Our market is free, but in no way just.

Nor is it free for long. Government steps in to "fix" our broken market, imposing its partisan brand of justice. Economic liberty is lost. And still no TRUE justice. Is government to blame? No, it is we, as free people, who have failed to apply our free market ideals.

True Value Accounting ensures economic justice, so that government doesn't have to. It is the Guardian of Economic Liberty & Justice.

Economic Problem-Solving

Value Economics offers a novel, common-sense approach to problem-solving, from disease to crime to crumbling infrastructure:

Step 1 - quantify the economic cost of the problem, and the dollar cost & benefit of potential solutions;

Step 2 - select the best economic solution (max net $$$ benefit); many solutions continue paying dividends long after the problem is solved, making them even more economical;

Step 3 - create an investment instrument (such as a dedicated savings bond), allowing private investors to finance the solution, and reap an investment reward.

Then sit back and watch fully funded private solutions solve our problems, without government control, or gridlock holding us back.

Problem solved, easy as 1-2-3. At economic savings to the nation. Plus quality of life dividends for all.

This is just ONE way Value Economics solves problems. It works hand-in-hand with the day-to-day impact of True Value Accounting.

Value Economics — value-based problem-solving on a national scale

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Foundations for Economic Revolution

The new Boston Tea Party:
End TaxesInvest in America

Why do we subject ourselves to the universal headache of taxes when our national interest offers the best investment opportunity in the world?

Everything government funds ought be economically sound. (If it isn't, we shouldn't fund it.) If funding is sound, then it makes for sound investment. Value Economics generates a return on investment either from the program itself, or in cases where programs don't economically pay, from annual GDP growth.

Private investors then fund our national expense, earning a fair reward. Those who are willing & able invest and profit. Those who can't afford are relieved of the burden. Win-Win. We put partisan wrangling to rest, and end a national headache. All America wins.

Value Economics tax slogan:

"The only thing certain in life is death of taxes."

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Foundations for Economic Revolution

5 ways Value Economics applies Free Market ideals
to wholly transform our economy

True Value Accounting

Free market exchange is built on value. Every transaction is a fair exchange of value — a sum of money for a product or service of equal value.

If the purchase comes with hidden costs (e.g. health, social, environmental costs, etc.), the consumer doesn't receive fair value. If the purchase yields surplus savings (e.g. productivity gains from education, healthcare savings from wellness programs), the seller isn't paid full value.

In both cases, economic injustice results. Market incentives distort and output skews. We don't produce optimal value. Low value clutters our world. Quality of life suffers.

Value Economics restores economic justice — fair value exchange — by accounting for hidden gains & losses, based on scientific research.

When economic justice is served, our free market stays balanced and thrives.

Economic Liberty & Justice endure.

Perfect Competition

Competition is the natural way free markets self-regulate & balance.

When we buy something, our economic interest directly competes with the seller's. We want the best product at the lowest price. Sellers want the cheapest product at the highest price. The market lets us meet halfway, at fair price for both.

Other competition — between firms — keeps prices fair by denying monopoly power. Firms compete for business, driving down prices and driving up value.

Value Economics applies the ideal of perfect competition through various market mechanisms, restoring and preserving economic balance:

1) True Value Accounting ensures that all firms compete on fair ground of full value. 2) Consumer tools to help find exact desired products & services, so we needn't settle for less competitive ones. 3) Consumer tools for informed shopping to find best value. 4) Business tools to find top labor, ensuring competitive labor markets. 5) Macro ideals that promote broad economic balance:

Free markets comprise three main groups — business, labor, and consumers. Our economy works like a wheel rolling forward in perfect balance: business hires labor to produce; workers use wages as consumers to buy from business; business uses earnings to employ and produce more.

If any group weakens, the wheel loses balance and stops turning.

Value Economics promotes business, labor, and consumer interests fairly, ensuring balanced competition without government intervention or redistribution. This keeps economy rolling, strengthening both the business & working class.

Perfect competition upholds economic justice in the market, building a fair & balanced society with a strong middle class.

Perfect Information

Perfect information is the oil that lets our free market engine run smoothly.

In consumer markets, information helps buyers find the best products, and promotes competition between sellers. It helps buyers & sellers in niche markets find each other, boosting sales and our economy.

In labor markets, it helps business find top workers, and labor find suitable work. It increases employment by achieving both fast, boosting our economy.

In capital markets, information steers investment — which drives our economy — in the direction of maximum value.

Throughout our economy, perfect information maximizes value through efficient 'matchmaking' — pairing buyers & sellers, employers & workers, investors & opportunities — with best results and least expenditure of resources. It makes markets fluid — like an engine on oil.

Value Economics optimizes markets using information technology. By computer, investors, employers, consumers, etc., find exactly what they want — and know its market value. Armed with value-driven data, shoppers — whether looking for products, labor, investment opportunities, or more — find the best match fast. Comparison shopping in every market is a breeze. Needs & desires are met, efficiency savings multiply, and our economy hums.

Best of all, Value Economics embeds perfect information in the price of every item. Item price represents it's market value. With True Value Accounting, price reflects true objective value, including all known & verified economic impacts.

Perfect information in the price — no product research required.

Buy with confidence.

Ownership & Accountability

Free markets rely on ownership as a natural incentive for responsible economy. When we own something, we care for it. We protect its value.

We take care of products we own. We tend to home & property. We take responsibility for our actions in the market. Given ownership, we care for anything of value.

Value Economics applies this natural human tendency — and free market ideal — to ensure responsible use of our environment, resources, and other 'public goods'. These have real economic value. By placing them in public-private trusts — owned by we, the people, and managed by trustees to maximize long-term value — we develop sustainable plans that preserve them while best capitalizing on their economic value.

Thus economy protects our vital assets while putting them to work.

Free markets also demand accountability. If individuals, organizations, and business are not accountable for their economic impacts &mdash if we don't 'own' our actions in the market — others must pay the cost, and neither liberty nor justice are served. It infringes on others' freedom to require them to pay your way. It's also unfair. Ownership & accountability — economic liberty & justice depend on it.

True Value Accounting ensures that business and consumers take economic responsibility for what they buy & sell. Simple. Done.

In this way, Value Economics creates a responsible economy naturally, without need of onerous laws, restrictive regulations, punitive taxes & fines, or other government intrusion.

It also ensures that accountability is objective & fair — based solely on economic value as verified by scientific research — not by arbitrary government agenda.

When we are accountable for our actions, we make responsible economic choices that serve not only ourselves, but also society.

Sound Money

Economy is built on value. Money is its measure.

If the measure of value changes — by inflation — the apparent value of everything in our economy skews with time. Consider that, at the Fed's "ideal" 2% inflation rate, every dollar we earn loses half its value by the time we retire in 35 years.

When we allow the value (purchasing power) of money to erode, we throw our elders — our retired workers and providers — under the economic bus. And we heap a mountain of debt on our children, which they must climb to get on the bus. For the sake of saving our skin in the present, we dishonor our past and disown our future.

How can we expect to prosper when our own central bank steals half our money every 35 years?

Value Economics owns and honors our past, present & future by upholding the value of sound money.

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Putting Value Economics to Work


How do we get an entire nation to shift to a new economy?


Issue a controversial government mandate forcing compliance.

We all know how that works.
IT DOESN'T. (At least not with American spirit.)

Incentive Magic

Free Americans will use Value Economics because we WANT to.

Business will use it because it improves access to labor and consumer markets (and more). Consumers will use it because it helps find better products & services. Labor will use it because it helps find better jobs & training. Investors will use it because it helps find better capital investments.

All voluntary.
Value Economics — because value counts