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Find fortune in a market that is both....
Find fortune in a market that is both....
Find fortune in a market that is both....
Find fortune in a market that is both....
Find fortune in a market that is both....

Free AND Fair


Shining the Twin Lights of American


Liberty & Justice

the WORLD to SEE
a free market for





A market that....


Liberal Justice


Conservative Freedom


America's Free Market

$$$ DOES the REST $$$

Value Economics

TRUE Market Freedom that WORKS

Vote for an economy that....

ends political gridlock by performing
with such productivity, efficiency and value
that government has NO NEED to interfere

An economy where

Liberal & Conservative


to create a
True Free Market
of Economic Justice
in Liberty
Elect an economy that....
lives up to the ideals of BOTH parties
for a FREE & JUST

States of America

America's Free Market

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ProductivityValueEfficiency — Achieved by:
  • market mechanisms that spur the free market ideal of perfect competition;
  • consolidated capital markets in which investment opportunities compete to ensure that capital always flows to best use;
  • market fluidity gained through the free market ideal of perfect information to maximize efficient flow of capital & resources;
  • value incentives induced by True Value Accounting;
  • accounting for the productive value of investment (vs. consumption spending) to incentivize growth;
all of which promote economic justice and/or social welfare.
Social Values (health, education & social welfare) –

Achieved by the free market ideal of True Value Accounting, which:

  • incentivizes health-promoting goods & services throughout the economy;
  • fully funds education & job training by monetizing their productive value to attract & reward private investors; promotes upward mobility through partnerships between "haves" and "have nots";
  • monetizes criminal justice savings to fund rehabilitation and job training programs;
plus performance-based pay systems that WORK, which maximize healthcare, education, training & rehab program value.
Debt & Deficit – Achieved by True Value Accounting, which:
  • promotes public health (see Social Ideals), driving down healthcare costs, our lead cause of national debt;
  • fully funds public education (see Social Ideals) through private investment, removing it from government budget;
  • promotes social investment (see Social Ideals) that increases production, plus reduces criminal justice and social program costs;
  • privatizes infrastructure investment (rewarded by induced growth), eliminating it as government spending;
  • together with free trade and value-driven diplomacy, promotes global development, stability and peace, reducing war-time & general military spending;
All these economize our current government system, reducing over 60% of our budget.

Beyond this, Value Economics offers market-driven solutions that eliminate virtually all tax-funded programs, forging a truly self-governing, free society. Value Economics bestows a true American Free Market — of the People, by the People & for the People — that delivers genuine American value, government-free.

Sustainability – Achieved by:
  • True Value Accounting (TVA) & Pricing, which incentivizes energy technologies of maximum total value; includes R&D for new technology;
  • TVA incentives for economically efficient conservation and recycling;
  • placing our environment & natural resources in Public Trusts owned by We, the People, based on free market ideals of ownership & property rights, to be valued and managed for maximum productive use and long-term sustainable growth, free of government/industry conflict.
Sound Money – Achieved by:
  • clear grasp of the role of money as a stable store & measure of value;
  • linking money supply to natural market demand, not imposed Fed policy;
  • debt-free stimulus for recession recovery, eliminating need for inflationary 'quantitative easing' (monetary stimulus) & deficit-spending.
Self-Regulation – Achieved by applying free market ideals of perfect competition, fair value exchange, plus standards & accountability to ensure market integrity and balance, specifically:
  • True Value Accounting & Pricing – minimizes negative side-effects and pays for those that occur; replaces rigidly imposed ideological value with incentivized economic value; competition drives success since innovative firms prosper;
  • empowering all three economic actors – business, labor, & consumers – to negotiate fair value, ensuring a broad-balanced economy;
  • pay-for-performance standards that maximize value, minimize overpay;
  • accounting standards and transparency to eliminate fraud & deception;
  • independent research, rating agencies, and other checks & balances to ensure market integrity;
  • self-correcting market mechanisms to smooth business cycles, end speculative bubbles;
  • market alternatives to tax-funded bailouts, ending 'moral hazard';
  • market forces to counter monopoly power;
  • empowering and incentivizing every citizen to protect market integrity;
  • performing with such productivity & value that every citizen sees self-interest in protecting and preserving the free market system — economy becomes a national badge of honor.
Business Value – Achieved by:
  • virtually tax-free, regulation-free environment in which to work;
  • stable market free of politicized change – breeds business confidence and promotes long-term plans;
  • a new model for value-based management, optimizing internal admin;
plus market tools/features that:
  • meet common administrative needs, freeing firms to focus on core mission;
  • facilitate top labor hiring;
  • efficiently reach target consumers;
  • spread 'best practices' know-how, raising industry standards;
  • give startups vital market information, boosting success rate;
  • overcome 'barrier to entry' issues, aiding startups & spurring competition;
  • advance interdisciplinary technology for breakthrough applications;
  • aid business/education exchange to better prepare next-generation workers;
  • use patent alternatives to rapidly spread new technology while preserving profit from intellectual property rights.
Labor Value – Achieved by:
  • affirming labor rights on the free market ideal of competing economic interest to ensure fair wages & benefits – without minimum wage – and market balance between corporate profits & worker pay; ensures merit pay & profit for both business & labor; promotes understanding that labor value is equal to business – not greater, not less – and that free markets thrive when they are in perfect balanced competition;
  • promoting value throughout the economy, creating more high-value, high-paying jobs;
plus market mechanisms that:
  • increase labor productivity, thus raising wages;
  • guide workers to careers best suited to their natural skills & aptitudes, promoting job satisfaction and success;
  • better match workers with ideal firms;
  • better inform educators of expanding & contracting fields to guide students toward more job prospects;
  • aid transitional job training & placement, ensuring a fluid labor market in our evolving economy;
  • ensure fluid labor markets during recession to reduce unemployment;
  • minimize 'sticky wages' during recession, cutting unemployment.
Consumer Value – Achieved by:
  • True Value Accounting – creates incentive for goods & services of greater total value, including issues of consumer safety;
  • True Value Pricing – makes shopping for value clear & easy: the price you see reflects true, total value;
  • market-based consumer unions, following the free market ideal of competing economic interest , that advocate consumer concerns & bargain better value;
plus market features that:
  • use consumer ratings, product comparisons, etc. to aid consumer choice (based on the free market ideal of perfect information);
  • let consumers create profiles to receive ads for targeted goods & services;
  • create community co-ops offering trades for family & household tasks (based on the free market ideal of specialized labor) to combine efforts, ease workloads, and enjoy preferred roles – supports individuals, strengthens families, & builds community.
Joint Business/Labor Value – Achieved through incentive-based partnerships that:
  • reward productivity with profit-sharing, raising labor loyalty & commitment;
  • promote trade & apprenticeship programs to create highly-skilled, dedicated workers;
  • improve business-labor communication & involve labor in decisionmaking;
  • encourage innovation & invention: labor ideas + business resources = mutual profit.
Joint Business/Consumer Value – Achieved through:
  • partnerships that deliver targeted marketing on-demand – firms save promo cost, consumers see ads they want;
  • independent reviews & consumer ratings that build consumer trust and give business clear value incentives.
Free Market/Fair Market

Achieved through the dynamic synergy of all strategies together,
to give America a true free market with economic liberty & justice for all.

Government-free. Owned & operated by We, the People.

A Free Market that makes
Envision an economy where....

& common sense.

(family, health, education & more)
$$$$$$$ & ¢¢¢¢¢
$$$$$$$ & ¢¢¢¢¢

inspires your day,
feeds your passion,
puts your natural talent to work,
sharpens your native skill,
gives meaning to life,
rewards you with joy & success,
& PAYS you to do it




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vital health
innovative education
prime infrastructure
your best-employed self
productivity tools & equipment
rural & urban development
community development
sustainable resource solutions
green goods & services
national investment
global development

Free America

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 not because government says we "should" 

we profit from it,
earn wages by it,
build careers on it,
accumulate wealth in it,
enrich ourselves and our nation by it,
better our world and humanity through it


Free America

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It's our Freedom
our economy
our nation
our choice

America's new
Free Market:

Liberty & Justice

Self-Governing — Powered by

We, the People

America's next Revolution in Freedom



TRUE Market Freedom that WORKS

TRUE Market Freedom that WORKS

a free market for

Equal Opportunity

America's Free Market