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♦ Solves chronic problems of health, education, society, & more
♦ Meets vital infrastructure needs...now
♦ Sustainably manages energy & resources...for our future
♦ Serves as steward of our environment — forever
♦ Self-regulates fully, without government intervention
♦ Delivers merit-based market pay & profit, fairly
♦ Efficiently directs capital, maximizing productive value
♦ Soundly invests in our most valuable resource — human capital
♦ Restores trust through win-win business, consumer & labor partnerships
♦ Ends taxes — provides public goods via market mechanisms that WORK

Envision an economy that creates....

the Nation we WANT

....beyond mere 'things we need'

Bank on an economy....
Built on Free Market BEDROCK —


A free market where:
A free market where:
♦ $$$ value = TRUE value
♦ true value ensures true incentives — perpetuating value
♦ value competition drives ever more value
♦ true value earns profit (poor value goes out of business)
♦ true $$$ value promotes true human values
♦ market teems & life brims with TRUE value

All without central planning or control.
All built on free market ideals.
All backed by science.
TRUE value for a TRUE free market.
Trust in a market that....
delivers value by FULLY ACCOUNTING for value

♦ productivity multipliers that build economy
♦ spill-over benefits that add to economy
♦ wealth-building assets like health & education...PLUS human capital
♦ costly side-effects that drain economy & erode quality of life

True Value Accounting
for TRUE pricing, profit incentive & production value

America's Free Market

$$  All this Value  $$

Value Economics

TRUE Market Freedom that WORKS


Value Economics

Value In ~ Value Out

True American Value

TRUE Market Freedom that WORKS

Value Economics

Value is the life-blood of economy.

We buy things only if their value meets or exceeds the $$$ cost. If we don't account for true & full value, we don't know the true cost...and if it's worth the price.

This distorts both incentives & outcomes, from production to consumption, in every economic sector, creating costly side-effects and lost benefits for health, education, energy, resources, environment, the broad social good, and more.

We end up with flawed products and services that:

  • x cost more than we bargained for; and/or
  • x deny savings & benefits we want.

True Value Accounting ensures we get exactly the value we pay for.


America'sdiamond spacerFreMarketdiamond spacerdoes the rest.

Envision an economy that creates....

Envision an economy that creates....
Envision an economy that creates....