American Liberty & Justice League

founded July 4, 2016

Inaugural Address

Leadership for America — Today & Every Day

America is in desperate need of leadership.

But the truth is, American leadership is already here; always has been, and always will be.

Not in the form of some great man or woman. Rather in our enduring ideals — Liberty & Justice — with us today, and every day, to lead and guide America.

Now, America is blessed with a practical plan to put her founding ideals to work.

Today, July 4, 2016, on our nation's 240th birthday, the American Liberty & Justice League proclaims, with full revolutionary zeal, a broad vision and practical plan to lead America forward, today and every future day, on ideals that endure in every generation.

Even great leaders die. If we rely on their rule, where are we then? Twelve score years ago, our forefathers founded a nation on twin ideals. Our Declaration of Independence asserts we are endowed with "unalienable Rights [of] Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness," under the just proposition that "all men are created equal." Our Constitution opens with intent to "secure the Blessings of Liberty" and "establish Justice." Our pledge of allegiance promises "Liberty & Justice for all."

Despite this dual heritage, America today faces a crisis that imperils our Union more than any other since our Civil War. Indeed, it is born of a more enduring clash — political civil war. Political division threatens to tear our nation apart. Conservatives cherish liberty, too often at expense of justice. Liberals love justice, with little love loss for liberty. To see them fight, one might think Liberty and Justice conflict. They do not.

Each contains the essence of the other. Liberty is the only true justice, and justice the only righteous liberty.

Liberty & justice complete each other, and neither is complete without the other. Liberty promotes justice; justice secures liberty. Injustice denies freedom, while denial of freedom is unjust.

When applied with wisdom and vision, these twin ideals create a truly free and just society. When sacrificed for partisan preference of one or the other, we steal freedom from both and do justice to neither.

The notion that liberty and justice clash is false. Both shine as American ideals. Policies and programs that promote one without the other are partisan falsehoods, and un-American.

We can stand united behind our twin ideals, or fall divided by them.

America is founded on these twin ideals. We have been striving, sometimes struggling and even failing, to put them to work ever since. As our success in that endeavor goes, so goes America. Even so goes our world, given America's global leadership. And given that Liberty & Justice are not only American ideals. They are universal human ideals.

The world looks to America to lead; now America must look to her ideals to lead.

Our nation's founders, in their wisdom, gave us a Constitution — Rule of Law — to govern, so that no generation would depend on rule of man. The aim was to free us from human rule, not bind us to it. Though imperfect, we know its intent: Liberty & Justice for all.

That is the true greatness of our founding fathers, who fought for American Liberty & Justice. That they were not only leaders themselves, but that they left behind enduring, universal ideals, bequeathed to every future generation as the perpetual perfect leader. As though they rebirth themselves in every generation.

Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Adams, and the rest, all gone. But the ideals to which they gave voice, live strong in our hearts still. Ring true to lovers of Liberty & Justice today. Stir and resonate deep in our souls, even still today. Ideals that transcend even them. Liberty & Justice were not conceived by our founders. Our forebears merely gave them political voice, and founded a nation on them.

America's ideals have been leading us for over 200 years. Men and women, leaders and followers, live and die. True ideals span eternity. They are neither limited to nor the domain of any man or woman. Ideals belong to the ages, and to every man and woman of every age.

With practical plans to put our founding ideals to work, to lead our nation today and every day, the American Liberty & Justice League offers a bridge to heal our divided land, to end our political civil war, and restore a Union that secures the blessings of Liberty while upholding the scales of Justice. Programs that unite liberals and conservatives under one American banner, waving for Liberty & Justice for all.

At center are plans to secure both political and economic Liberty & Justice. Political Liberty & Justice are built on the simple, and universal, Golden Rule of Society: All are free to do as they like, so long as they don't infringe on the rights and freedoms of others. Political Liberty & Justice served. Economic Liberty & Justice reside in a pure free market that employs true, objective, economic justice to ensure fair exchange for all. Economic Liberty & Justice served.

This perfect application of our perfect ideals is our gift to America on her 240th birthday. Our hope and conviction is that within 10 years, in time for our quarter-millennial birthday, America will be a nation reborn.

Today is a great day to be American. With the eternal ideals of Liberty & Justice leading the way, so will every future day. We invite you to join us in putting America's ideals to work.

In Revolutionary Spirit,
Patriots of the American Liberty & Justice League

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